Massage and Pain Relief

As many of us know, pain can affect your quality of life. In many people, pain medications can have unwanted side effects. The benefits of massage for pain relief has been studied and shown to have significant improvements in many patients around the world.*

Research shows that massage can:

  • reduce pain and pain intensity
  • reduce the incidence and frequency of headaches
  • relieve postoperative pain
  • reduce back and leg pain in pregnant women
  • decrease pain, distress, tension and anxiety in children
  • help adolescents with chronic pain
  • benefit children with growing pains
  • relieve pain and intensity for people with myalgia
  • improve subjective perception of and function for those with carpal tunnel syndrome
  • have a positive impact on lower back pain

If you struggle with pain and/or chronic pain massage is a safe and highly effective gentle addition to your pain management.

Many of our clients have experienced immense pain relief after massage without the requirement of prolonged prescription medication. The frequency and duration of the massage may be a contributing factor. A Seattle Health Research Institute* produced a study on the optimal massage dose for people with chronic neck pain.

  • Group A received one 30 minute massage 2-3 times per week
  • Group B received one 60 minute massage 1-2 times per week
  • Group C had no massages

Group A, having regular massages up to three times a week were nearly five times more likely to report a significant improvement in function and more than twice as likely to report a significant decrease in pain.

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Massage stimulates blood circulation which improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to body tissue helping the lymphatic system to flush away waste products. It also eases tension, releases knotted muscles and improves stiff joints, increasing mobility and flexibility. Massage boosts the activity of the vagus nerve which contains our motor and sensory fibres.

Methods of massage that beneficial for pain relief are: 

  • Therapeutic Massage
  • Remedial Massage
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage 
  • Cupping
  • Hot/Cold Stone Massage
  • Dry Needling
  • Deep Tissue and Trigger point
  • Myofascial Release
  • Reiki
  • Reflexology
  • Craniosacral Therapy

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Evofit Trainers

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Are you tired, sore and stressed out? Will a massage help?

Many people would agree a massage makes them feel good. But do you know the health and wellbeing benefits associated with getting regular treatments?

I know how difficult it can be to make time for a massage. I treat myself only every so often and as I’m booking my sessions, I question whether or not I really need it – could I be spending that money on something else, etc. and the most terrible thing about this? I’m a massage therapist myself.

You know there are studies that prove just how beneficial massage is, and it isn’t just a luxury or a treat, and that it belongs right up there with exercising and proper nutrition as part of our health and wellness plan.

After a massage people generally report immediate pain relief, as well as feeling more relaxed. Getting a massage regularly allows more complex and longer term issues to be worked on such as chronic pain and strained muscles caused by exercise, posture, repetitive movements, heavy lifting and injury.

With that said, here are 25 reasons you should book your next massage in the near future:

1. Relieve stress
2. Relieve postoperative pain
3. Reduce anxiety
4. Manage low back pain
5. Help fibromyalgia
6. Reduce muscle tension
7. Enhance exercise performance
8. Relieve tension headache
9. Sleep better
10. Ease symptoms of depression
11. Improve cardiovascular health
12. Reduce pain of osteoarthritis
13. Decrease stress in cancer clients
14. Improve balance in older people
15. Decrease rheumatoid arthritis pain
16. Temper effects of dementia
17. Promote relaxation
18. Lower blood pressure
19. Decrease symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrom
20. Help chronic neck pain
21. Lower joint replacement pain
22. Increase range of motion
23. Decrease migraine frequency
24. Improve quality of life in hospice care
25. Reduce chemotherapy-related nausea

We will follow this blog up with info on each of the health benefits listed as we head into 2017… A year of transformation

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Three benefits of a Knead Me massage



Three Health benefits of getting a massage at Knead Me

Increased flexibility is one of the main benefits of massage. With excessive amounts of pressure and stress muscles become tight, this can be caused by many different scenarios with exercise and stress being two of the main causes. During your treatment muscles are released and stretched to give an amazing feeling of relief and looseness.

A good night’s sleep gives our body the ability to function at its highest. It is seen to improve the body’s capability to work consistency and generally for longer periods of time. Due to the relaxing nature of massage and the fact that muscles have been stretched and released, sleep tends to be deeper and comes m
ore easily.

In my experience the best type of massage to reduce stress is a combination of deep tissue and relaxation techniques. Combined, these styles of massage allow the body and mind to relax while targeting problem areas where muscles are tense and stressed. This feeling of calm is immediate and regular massage can assist in creating ongoing stress reduction.

I hope this information has been helpful to you and has increased your understanding of the benefits of massage.

Hope to see you soon,