2014.11.16 kneadme SMALL (40 of 64)Kinesiology is a wonderful tool for reducing any stress in the body, whatever its cause and in re-patterning the brain; breaking any patterns of thought or behaviour that may be negatively affecting the body on a subconscious level and manifesting as emotional, mental or physical symptoms. It is a very important tool for positive change; assisting with providing stress reducing strategies, accessing new and positive ways of thinking and behaving and creating balance in all systems within the body.

Kinesiology is a complementary therapy that may be used alongside any other treatments or modalities and is based on the concepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It uses a simple technique of muscle monitoring as well as other gentle exercises to quickly and easily help pinpoint areas of the body that are suffering from stress or pain. By using muscle monitoring we can ask the body what it needs so we can select the right tools for the specific issue and assist the body’s own healing processes to release those blockages, creating balance and calm.