Prices below are applicable for gift vouchers too! If you want to buy a voucher for that special someone, please call or email us. We will need the name and email or postal address of your intended recipient, and if paying by direct debit, provide the receipt number. Vouchers are valid for 6 months. 

Massage30 min$50
45 min$65
60 min$80
90 min$110
120 min$150
Australian Bush Flower Therapy45 min$80
Baby Massage Instruction90 min$110
Body Code Therapy60 min$80
Bowen Therapy60 min$80
Craniosacral Therapy60 min$80
90 min$110
Cupping60 min?
Emotion Code60 min$80
Facial30 min$50
60 min$80
Kinesiology90 min (1st appt)$150
60 min$100
Lymphatic Drainage90 min (1st appt)$110
30 min$50
45 min$65
60 min$80
90 min$110
120 min (detox)$160
Myofascial Release Therapy60 min$80
90 min$110
Reiki60 min$80
Sports Taping15 min$20